With a brand new 30-piece Shining Light Collection in the bag – or to be more specific, in several trunks, my heartfelt thanks to all the Forevermark markets, DTC KAM’s and specifically you, the sponsors of this new collection. This is the largest and most beautiful Shining Light Collection ever. The pieces are totally unique and portray the preciousness of our exceptional product – each piece chosen for its innovative design and ability to reveal the brilliance of a diamond.

Since my last update and pre-final submission of the completed collection, here is my Shining Light news:


April, May & June 2010:

During the final manufacture of the 30-piece Shining Light Southern Africa 2010 Collection, some of our winners were fortunate enough to travel to India, others to Johannesburg, Windhoek and Gaborone as guests of their sponsoring Sightholders where they received hands on training in design and manufacture from leading experts in these fields. These experiences fostered empowerment amongst our winning designers and a transfer of skills and knowledge was further facilitated amongst their fellow students of design upon return to their schools.

July 2010:

Following submission of all 30 pieces to the DTC’s in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, the Final Judging tour took place. This year, Forevermark has provided international judges for the competition - journalist and art consultant, Yoshiko Ikoma, artist and celebrated jewellery designer Karen Lee and supermodel and designer, Alek Wek. The International judges, together with press members from HK, China and Japan, accompanied by colleagues Forevermark HK, China and Japan travelled to Botswana and Namibia where together with the local in country judges, chose the overall winning piece per country.

Upon our return from the Final Judging tour – we began the all important catalogue shoot. The catalogue as usual will be revealed at the official African launch to take place in Feb/March 2011 where the overall winning piece per country will be announced.

August 2010:

The Shining Light Awards 2010 collection has now departed South Africa for its 1st reveal which is taking place in China on August 12.

In the interim, the desire for Shining Light continues as there have been other local opportunities presented to us for which we are using past Shining Light pieces –

  • we have recently accessorised the Miss Namibia pageant for which we received excellent local coverage for the collection. This was broadcast live through Africa
  • yet again, we will be featured in the South African Fashion Week spectacular in October. If you remember, last year this event generated ZAR4mil in publicity
  • the collection continues to be top of mind with government as the South African Minister of Mines has requested it for her Women’s Day gala dinner taking place on 20 August

I encourage you to visit www.shininglightsawards.com as we constantly update this website with news and images. All images will be uploaded in the next 24hrs.

I look forward to updating you in the next couple of months when I will receive an update on the 2010 collection from my Asian colleagues.

Till then, stay tuned.

Thoko Modisakeng
Head of Marketing – Southern Africa
De Beers Group Marketing