GALLERY (Final Judging)

Final Judging Botswana




The Judging panel prepares for action

Supermodel and designer, Alek Wek

Thoko Modisakeng




Yoshiko Ikoma and Karen Lee

Magdalena Szulfer, Alec Wek and Lucilla Booyzen

Jacob Thamage, looks on pensively




judging is hard work

Yoshiko Ikoma and Karen Lee



Now lets look a little closer

we like this one

Sheila Khama voices her opinion




could this be the winner?






just hold it there

I’ll drink to that one


GALLERY (Final Judging)

Final Judging Namibia




Alek disembarks in true supermodel style

Judges relax before work begins

The massive Jwaneng Mine as seen from the jet




How did they do that?

The five star Grand Palm Hotel in Gaberone

Thoko disembarks in true De Beers Style




The team pose

De Beers Earth Moving Megastructure



Alek takes five inside the wheel

Judges on location



Looking the part. Lets go mining.

Alek in mining mode

Hard hats and smiles




Veronica Novoselova and Brent Eiseb

close inspection



Chakira Claasen shares an idea with Alek

yes that one

It’s time to choose a winner.